Toronto Weekend, Pt. 2

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My last day at Toronto. We both went to this small camera fair located in Thornhill (Markham), Ontario.

Yes, well, I’m holding a T4 there, yes. And again yes this picture can now be in the local tourism booklet. He he.

The boy wasn’t joking when he said that it was a good 30-min walk from the bus stop all the way to the community centre where the fair is located. It wasn’t as cold as Winnipeg, but my body does not discriminate. Canada is cold, and that’s a fact wherever I go.

Small is a relative word. The fair is actually bigger than the one that I attended here in Winnipeg last September, and have lots more items to choose from.

The boy spent a lot of time looking but guess what? I was the one who got more stuff (he got me the things that I want though, so it’s an ulcer in his pocket). We got some films, I got a Canon FD f/1.4 lens and an Olympus mju I for a friend.

We just spent the rest of my stay at Scarborough eating Chinese food and getting drenched in the rain. Short trip, but very memorable. Will definitely come back.

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