Photobooth Corner

I started my fascination with Passport Photobooths in 2007. That time, I found two photobooths inside the old Winnipeg airport while waiting for my cousin’s arrival. I tried having my photo taken with a friend and the rest was history.

Unfortunately film photobooths are dwindling really quickly. But for the time being, I am here to have photos taken.

Hover on the photos to see when and where they were taken.

2007-12-29, old Winnipeg International Airport, Winnipeg 2008-01-10, Winnipeg 2008-01-28A, Portage Place, Winnipeg 2008-01-28B, Portage Place, Winnipeg 2008-02-29, Polo Park, Winnipeg

2012-07-26, Bloor Station, Toronto 2013-10-20, Sherbrooke Station, Montreal 2014-12-26A, Polo Park, Winnipeg 2014-12-26B, Polo Park, Winnipeg

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