Toronto Weekend, Pt. 1

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This is rather a late post for a travel-related entry but times have been tough. Anyway. I went to Toronto, ON last week to visit a special person and to attend a camera fair.

I find the place to be very busy. However despite of the amount of activities that breathes life to the city, it is devoid (IMO) of that certain feel that I am so used to seeing and living here in Winnipeg. I don’t know what that feel is, if you ask me. Maybe the friendliness of the people?

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Toronto. I don’t have the right to pass any judgment right now since I didn’t stay there that long.

We went to Spadina last Saturday and the whole place transported me somewhere else other than Canada.

Spadina also reminds me of home.

After a hearty lunch in yet another busy place, we just walked around the area, taking photos.

This puppy knows what “cheese” means. He saw us and he faced us, waiting for me to take his photo.

As of this writing it’s freezing both here in Winnipeg and Toronto. Glad I took that trip a week early.

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  1. Toronto is a cold city – figuratively and literally. I noticed that when I went back. No one stands up to let old women and mothers with children sit at the front of the bus. No one greets or says thank you to the bus drivers.

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