Gastronomy 101: Gyugyuya

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I am not a big fan of spicy curry, so it is not a surprise that I like Japanese-style curry. Last summer my friend C has told us about this unassuming place that serves Japanese curry. Gyugyuya is located at 177 Dundas St W., nestled in between other no-fuss restaurants in the area. The interior is their signature, blindingly bright yellow which makes it stand out as soon as you see it.

They serve a niche menu of Japanese curry as well as a couple of gyudon dishes. My husband had an OK comment on his tonkatsu curry. I personally enjoyed the karaage curry (deep fried chicken with curry sauce), paired with boiled egg and shredded cabbage. The chicken was juicy on the inside but crunchy on the outside and worked well with the sauce. 🙂