Gastronomy 101: Richmond Station

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People who love to eat are always the best people.

C took me and my husband for dinner as part of her wedding gift to us (she was unable to attend our wedding last spring). She has decided to bring us to one of her favourite restaurants, Richmond Station at 1 Richmond Street West. We arrived there last Saturday and the first thing my husband noticed was how unassuming the place was – you wouldn’t really notice it was there unless you really are looking for it.

C treated us with the chef’s menu which is mostly a ‘secret’ – the food that we had was not on the menu. The restaurant handles a change of menu with ease, as I was told that they use ingredients that are in season. I must say everything was just amazingly delicious. That 2-hr commitment was a no-brainer. We wish we were seated on the second floor where we can see the kitchen in action, but maybe next time. Another reason to come back to the place.

left: oysters with a selection of sauce and radish on the side, right: cod cakes – my husband is not fond of raw oysters

left: shrimp kebab with mango puree and herbs; right: assorted greens with parmesan… I cannot remember what the dressing was made of but it was delicious

left: hand-made pierogie with aged cheddar and beet sauce; right: in-house sourdough

left: scallops; right: our main course-pork belly with pulled-pork stuffed ravioli. No joke – the ravioli experience was akin to those food anime that I watch online. The flavour explodes in your mouth! Crazy.

our dessert board – dark chocolate with caramel and rice puffs, and servings of pumpkin, grapes, ice cream

Thank you for the wonderful gift of good food!

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