Gastronomy 101: Sorry Coffee Co.

Canada Canon S110 Digital Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

WHAT A QUIRKY NAME, I thought to myself, when my friend S mentioned that I should swing by Kit and Ace one day. She wanted me to check out Sorry Coffee Co. (102 Bloor Street West) which is the boutique’s coffee shop. Located just behind the store (you can go directly to the cafe if you pass by the pathway between K&A and Pottery Barn), its interior features the geometric shape trend and the minimalist/functional design that K&A is known for. What stands out is their blank canvas cup, as the shop pairs up with different artists to design their cups on a scheduled basis.

The coffee and tea selections are pretty much a standard, although I did not expect the spicy kick out of my hot chocolate. I have a sweet tooth so I don’t think it was meant for me (Sorry, pun intended) – I might try their coffee next time.

Oh, and yes the shop really reminds me of the Bieber’s new song, don’t you think?