Gastronomy 101: September Grub, Part 1

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What is it with September that all of us wanted to eat somewhere? Meh. Who cares, they’re all good. 🙂

First stop: Oakwood Cafe and Bistro at 660 Osborne. This is the third time that I have been at this place and for me is one of those homey cafes where you can always meet long-time friends. I had a lunch date with a couple of my friends and my godchild (whom I haven’t seen in a while) and Oakwood was our choice. I ordered my favourite Beef Stroganoff but this time selected penne as my pasta. Always good stuff.

And then, of course, who is not familiar of Baked Expectations at 161 Osborne. I had my favourite hazelnut meringue while the girls had red velvet cake. I had a quick bite of the cake and found it to be very dense, unlike some cakes I tried. The meringue? A perfection.

Next stop was Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant at 93 Osborne. Ever since Papa George has closed I’ve been wondering if this restaurant that took over the location is any good. It was a bright sunny Saturday and was a good day to celebrate T’s birthday. I wasn’t feeling hungry that time so I ordered their soup of the day (which was the one I was looking for – butternut squash curry!) and their five spice salt chicken wings. Tatsuya had their feature burger and the same soup on the side.

The soup did not disappoint (craving ultimately satisfied), but what caught me off guard was the five-spice salt chicken. I love five spice with pork and seafood, but almost always see it at Asian restaurants and hardly (if not at all) at North American restaurants, bistros, or pubs. But lo and behold Cornerstone have it on their menu as a chicken wing flavour. And it was surprisingly really good! Partnered it with beer on tap and my weekend has ended with a smile on my face. LOL.