Gastronomy 101: Manyfest 2014

Canada Digital Food Gastronomy 101

This year marks the return of Manyfest at Broadway. My friends and I decided to go on Friday because of my review schedule and a prior lunch date already scheduled on a weekend. Compared to the previous year, I think we spent more time eating and being laid-back because we tried several food trucks without the hassle of last year’s line-up. HUZZAH.

The weather, however, is far from being laid-back. We’ve been experiencing erratic weather because of El NiƱo, so it’s been raining a lot recently. There was the light summer rain, and an hour after we got our food we saw a blanket of unpleasant rain clouds covering Broadway area. Next thing we know we found a shelter at one of the voting tents, trying not to get wet and being blown away. LOL.

Onto the food. Because there were many (lol) of us who went we got an opportunity to try different food trucks. I had Burgers R’ Us’ Avocado Burger with Onion Rings while L and her husband tried Greektown. Tristan had Island Fusion‘s Island Tacos, while S had African food from Simba Safari Grill. For dessert S shared crepes she got from Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez.

The star of that night for me was the Sweet Creamy Garlic Chicken Wings from Little Bones. Damn that sauce! It was the right sweetness and garlic tangy taste, and topped with cheese for an extra taste of heaven.