Gastronomy 101: September Grub, Part 2

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A continuation of this entry. Seriously, what’s up with September? Is it because I’m thoroughly stressed with my designation exam? LOL.

Went to Chew at 532 Waterloo a couple of weekends ago to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The place stood out especially it was raining that day, giving that warm, homey vibes.

I ordered a Wild Boar Porchetta sandwich and with the exception of the Wee Angry Mustard, enjoyed my meal (not to mention my awesome company). What stood out the most was, of course, the truffle fries. Yum!

We then went to Jenna Rae Cakes at 580 Academy Road for desserts and coffee. The place is now really popular given the bakeshop’s visual/marketing via social media so it was packed when we arrived. I ordered a red velvet cupcake for dine-in and a few more red velvet and pumpkin spice cupcakes for to-go. The red velvet is okay, but I enjoyed the pumpkin spice cupcake that my sister and I shared the day after.

Yesterday, S and I went to Little Maria’s Porchetta & Meatballs at 101-77 Edmonton (close to Broadway) for dinner. We wanted a nearby place to have dinner to as we were about to spend the night celebrating Nuit Blanche. As it was fall with really warm weather (unusual for Winnipeg as it’s the end of September!), I enjoyed the walk finding the place (seriously, yellow, brown, and gold leaves all the way).

Having porchetta the week before, I decided to order their “Naked Balls” with Pasta. S and I had options what sauce we want – I ordered Chicken balls with pasta and rose parmesan sauce while she ordered Classic Beef and Pork with spicy arrabbiatta sauce. For dessert, we got an order of baklava and cannoli.

I think we made a good decision as those meat balls are huge and lasted us the whole Nuit Blache without feeling hungry! My rose parmesan sauce was really creamy, though I think the classic beef and pork will probably be a better match for the sauce. We also enjoyed the atmosphere as the place had that kitschy feel to it, but not too overly eccentric. I will go back next time to try the rest of their menu.