Bits n’ Pieces: NYC Day 2

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Hello again New York City! Day 2 was the day of exploration.

When we planned our trip, we already knew that this will be the most hectic day of all, as we were aiming to visit as many places as we can in our itinerary. Suffice to say we planned well, and we were proud of ourselves.

We took advantage of the continental breakfast at the hotel to save us time. We then headed to the Apple Store for a bit, and headed to Central Park on our way to the MET.

Again, another turista shot, this time at Central Park.

If you happen to walk around Central Park, you will see this Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Very pretty and eerie at the same time.

We made it just in time to The MET! J was the most excited of us all, with her background and penchant for Art Studies. I myself had a bit of knowledge but only in Greek/Roman and Japanese art. But I’ve been away from school that I forgot what I learned. Whew.

At this point in time my camera died, and I left my spare battery at the hotel. I fail.

We then hailed a cab and went to Serendipity 3 for lunch. If you are lacking in knowledge in pop culture, this is where the movie Serendipity was based on.

They had to-die for pasta and frozen hot chocolate.

I can’t remember what happened in between. I think we went to Magnolia to buy cheesecakes and other pastries, and shopped. Later around 18:00 we headed to MoMa for their Target Free Fridays. The place was packed and we were seriously running out of time.

I was terribly excited with their photography exhibition. Too bad we didn’t have a lot of time there.

We decided to check out our hotel’s rooftop restaurant and spent the night eating, drinking and catching up on life, work and love.