Bits n’ Pieces: NYC Day 1

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2013 is right around the corner and I still haven’t talked about my most recent trip to New York. Life has been pretty busy as of late, and then was struck by stagnation (maybe a bit of laziness). It’s been weird, so I’m looking forward to end this year and move on.

Anyway, I’ll be breaking my entry into threes, just because it makes more geometrical sense. This might be my year-end entry because 2012 just went by I barely remember anything.

S, J and I went on a short NYC trip last September. We were aiming for the NY Fashion Week, but my schedule didn’t work for that, so we ended going the week after. We flew to Toronto on 9/13 at bloody 5:30 AM and didn’t arrive at NYC until somewhere around 2:00 PM.

We stayed at Sanctuary Hotel, a posh and quiet hotel situated right near Times Square.

We had a a quick look around Times Square and then headed to BonChon chicken for a filling dinner. Walked around a bit further before heading back to the hotel to prep ourselves for tonight’s event.

Times Square reminds me of Quiapo, mostly because of the smell of the sewer. Maybe it’s just me.

The obligatory turista shot.

My friends and I enjoyed our first Broadway show, The Lion King. It was beautiful. I’m looking forward to watch more shows in the future.