Bits n’ Pieces: NYC Days 3 and 4

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Day 3! Hello SoHo!

SoHo is beautiful. I seriously want to go back. It’s a contrast to the hustle and bustle of Times Square despite the number of establishments that exist there.

My friends and I split that day and we head on to places we wanted to visit. S bought her signature purse while I went to visit The Impossible Project space. This was the view from their store. Marvelous.

I caught the 8×10 instant film exhibit which was very exciting and inspiring. I took my time, enjoyed the atmosphere and gazed upon the lovely analogue photographs.

We headed to Madison Park, supposedly to eat at Shake Shack, but the line was insanely long so we had to eat elsewhere. Also, we just realized the other Lomography NYC branch was closed, so that was scraped off our list.

Next stop: Grand Central Terminal!

I read somewhere that the Central Terminal and the Union Station here in my city were designed by the same group of people. If that’s the case then I am not surprised because the design looks very similar.

After our quick “tourist” session, we headed back to the hotel and again split out. I headed to Audrey Kawasaki’s exhibit. My journey to find the place was a good piece for a late night drinking session because I got lost in New York. Seriously, I didn’t see that coming.

Nevertheless, I arrived safely, and perused on her artwork. Audrey’s works look way much better in person. If you get the chance to see any of her shows, please do, because her paintings are absolutely gorgeous.

After getting lost and finding my way back to Times Square, I went to Inglot to buy make-up (seriously). I had a quick shower and got ready as we headed to Maison for dinner. It’s a French restaurant near the Times Square, but you need to pay attention as the building number is kind of confusing around that area.

After that, M&Ms World! We had our customized M&Ms made, with our names on it. 🙂

I have come under the impression that I need to bring a smaller camera than my X10 so that strangers can take proper pictures (or at least learn how to steadily hold a camera). But anyway, I still like this photo.

Day 4 is basically waking up early again and rushing to Magnolia to bring some treats back home. We caught our flight back to Toronto, and then headed back to Winnipeg.

It was my first time traveling alone with friends, and looking back, I actually love the experience. I’m looking forward to travel with these girls again, or with other friends next time. Should be a great time.