Game Night

Black and White Canada Digital Fujifilm X10

I broke my hibernation and attended my friend and pâtissiere‘s birthday celebration at Across The Board, 93 Albert Street at the Exchange District. I was greeted by friends and a huge wall covered with board and card games. I got really envious and wanted the same shelves for my books. He he.

Unfortunately I did not get to play a lot because I was already unwell that day, which is now under control due thanks to a doctor’s prescription.

In as much as I also wanted this post to be a food feature for Gastronomy 101, I think the place deserves a second visit, as I didn’t get to eat a lot during my stay (see reason above). We had snacks and games of course. We played Ca$h n’ Gun$ (Second Edition), Cards Against Humanity, and the ever popular Dutch Blitz.