Gastronomy 101: Tummy at Work, Pt 2

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A continuation of this post.

The next weekend stop was Pineridge Hollow at 67086 Heatherdale Road at Oakbank. The fiancé and I went to have lunch with two of our friends to discuss our wedding (as they will be assisting us with it). For someone who is so bad at directions I was worried that we will get lost (like the last time we visited), but with three maps and GPS systems activated, somehow we managed to get there, albeit 15 minutes late.

Pineridge’s trademark has always been warm/homey, comfort food and for that cold Sunday Morning, their dishes did not disappoint. Our table was graced with Butternut Squash Perogies, The Pineridge Salad, Spinach Artichoke, Bison Burger, Prairie Beef Dip, and Chicken Fingers and Fries.

My personal favourite was the beet chips. I was expecting it to have thicker cuts but they’re very light and thin, which is great for snacking. Second to my list was the Pineridge Salad that Ate Kristine ordered. My friend Kuya Jeff enjoyed the cinnamon bun, saying it’s the best one he had so far.

After our lunch we also roamed around and saw the alpaca (Benjamin) and pygmy goats (Felix and Farley) at the tiny petting zoo, looking cozy despite the frigid temperature.

The last stop also happened to be the first dinner date for this year (but still considered a celebratory night-out). Me, Sybil, and our better halves attended a portion of the First Fridays at the Exchange (yes, despite the crazy snow fall warning). After the tour we decided to have dinner at Bonfire Bistro at 1433 Corydon Avenue.

I have heard praises about their pizza, but I was really looking forward to have a taste of their Paella. My mother knows how to cook it but she said it is a pain to create it, so its taste still eludes me. But not for long!

Our small Friday supper consisted of Caprese Salad, Paella, and three pizzas: Wild Mushroom & Maple Bacon, Italian Sausage, and Margherita. The fiancĂ© has high standards regarding pizza, but I’m glad he still enjoyed his meal. I did get a taste of the pizza and they were actually really good. The paella was good too, even though I wasn’t totally fond of spicy chorizo. The rice tasted a bit undercooked but I am unsure if it has something to do with the type of rice they use.