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Fail 3 times
Cry 6 times
then succeed 5 times
and the end is in sight

Today J already left to study post-grad out of province, so that leaves me and S the remaining members of “Cheesecakes”.

I have been friends with the Cheesecakes for the past seven years and it is great to see each one of us go out and explore the world out there. Which also means one has to leave (or get married). It gets kind of bittersweet when I think about it, but being crazy friends that we are, we usually are too busy to feel upset about these changes. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Anyway, here are photos from J’s send-off picnic. I am pretty sure I will look back to these a year or so after and see how J has changed (aside from her accomplishments, which should be a given because she’s a smart lady) when she comes back. 🙂