Polaroid SX-70 & The Impossible Project’s PX-70 COOL

Canada Film

A couple of months ago I finally acquired my own Polaroid SX-70 (more on that on this video) many thanks to my friend Pat. I was anxious whether the unit was working or not, but I was lucky that I kept an empty film pack (the batteries are in it!) so I was able to test the camera.

Whoot, it’s working!

Pat himself got (another) Model 3 SX-70 and we decided to buy a couple of The Impossible Project films to try it out and eventually save money on shipping. I was very excited though bought only 1 pack in colorshade cool knowing that this is going to be a trial pack and I didn’t want to waste any buck for this.

After learning the ins and outs of the camera I managed to get half of the pack done correctly (still a bad number if you ask me) but I instantly fell in love with the colors of this instant film (pardon the very bad pun). Lovely, just lovely.

I was instructed by my friend to go all the way to the dark wheel as the films are very light sensitive BUT it didn’t work for all situations. I am guessing this is a better set now, considering that the latitude seems to be better than my friend and I expected. Another theory I have is that the dark wheel technique works better with the silver shades (black and white) films as opposed to the color shade. Pat got the older silver shade film pack so that made sense.

Anyway, I cannot wait to try more of their films. The SX-70 is a very compact instant camera and I am looking forward to using it more especially when I travel. 🙂