Roid Week 2012

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If not for my photography contacts over at Twitter I wouldn’t know of roidweek which has become an annual (global) project (started in ’06) to celebrate and to experiment with instant photography.

Day 1, August 13 (Monday)

Day 2, August 14 (Tuesday)

Initially I was a bit hesitant in joining, thinking that I don’t have any Polaroid film in stock (I have one but I don’t want to use it yet!), nor I didn’t stock with Impossible Film. After asking around I found that I can use my Polaroid Land 420 and my Fujifilm FB-3000 film peel-apart for this project.

Day 3, August 15 (Wednesday)

I haven’t shot peel aparts in a while so after some exposure mistakes I was able to successfully shoot 6/10 photos, 5 were taken on each day of the roid week.

Day 4, August 16 (Thursday)

I am happy that I chose to use my land camera this year. Not only it is a great conversation starter, I actually like the whole process of peeling the film and the photo apart. I think the peel-aparts now hold a special place in my analogue heart (I just got my 420 this year). I might do the roidweek again next year but will probably stick with my peel-aparts (unless it gets heavy, so I’ll use my SX-70 instead). 🙂

Day 5, August 17 (Friday)