November snow fall

Canada Film Nature

I had a fresh roll of Ektar 100 and when the first traces of snow showed up sometime in November, thought it was a great opportunity to shoot and capture winter on film.

I shot within my block–not too far. I was also playing around with exposures knowing that Ektar leans more to the red spectrum. Wondering how the white will turn out. (As you can see here the browns turned a bit reddish blue)

I also scanned these using my new Epson V500! Loving the scanner and it is definitely an awesome investment. For the past couple of years I’ve been bringing my medium format films to the photolab for scanning, which costs a lot and also hinders me to do a lot of medium format (unless there’s a need for me to print them alone). But now I can scan my negatives. Who’s the happy camper?

I think I should be shooting more medium format, don’t you think?