Toronto 2011, Day 2

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My Day 2 is a laid-back day. K has a work shift that day so the game plan was for me to go for dinner with his friends. I met the gang the day before.

It was my first time to commute alone from K’s new place to the train station so I got a bunch of instructions from K and K’s mom.

Also, it was my Colorsplash’s maiden voyage with me. K got a unit for $14.00! Sweet.

I arrived at the station safely.

I met up with S at the Sheppard station (and accidentally elbowed her because I am clumsy). We both arrived at Bathurst station and waited for M.

We walked around Bathurst, Toronto’s Koreatown (or a section of it, at least). We had dinner at Guu, a Japanese Izakaya format restaurant/tapas bar.

A, the glorious city sunset. I hardly see this, and I love it.

Dinner at Guu with M, S, and E. The food and experience were awesome. Also, a good time to get to know K’s friends. I had a lovely time.

We then hung out at Paldo Gangsan since M’s brother R wanted to go for dinner and drinks. Soju overload. We then visited a Korean grocery, walked more and called it a night.