A quick visit to Stephens

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You’ll be seeing a lot of backlogs as I slowly start rummaging through my hard drive. A lot of photos haven’t been posted for the past summer due to my busy schedule. Most of the time I’d rather go home after work and not hang around like what I usually do. I hardly go out on the weekends too.

(There was an exception though.)

I headed to Camp Stephens for a quick tour (this is considered as a business trip). I wasn’t really planning to post these since I’m headed there again next week but I thought it never hurts to share a couple of photos. I’m obviously going to take more.

The place is lovely during the summer. I think Stephens is a very special place for kids to be themselves, to have fun, play, and to learn how to respect fellow kids and other people. Also to deal with some setbacks and to learn how to settle them in the most democratic way possible. While I never regretted anything from my childhood, I think it would make a big difference if I went to camp. I wasn’t born here in Canada though.