Taking it for a spin: Konica Big Mini 302

Canada Film Travel

So I finally got some of my scanned copies in taken using my Konica Big Mini 302. Enough copies actually, for me to make a decent quick review about this unit.

It is such a shame that I am making this entry after writing something about my T4. Not that I am exaggerating about my T4’s capabilities and features, but well, the camera deserves its fame. Nonetheless, I think KBM 302 delivers well too.

Ergonomics-wise, good and not good. Good because it feels better to hold and use the camera. Not to mention the long strap that can serve as a lanyard. Bad because there’s no lens cover for it! How weird can it get? (K says it’s a design flaw, but I really don’t know what the makers were trying to get at).

Based from the sample shots I posted, I think it provides sharp images. I can’t say to what extent because I scanned the photos for only 600 dpi. As for the focusing, it is fairly accurate. I think I only had one shot where there was a mistake in focusing, but it didn’t bother me that much.

I cannot say much how this will perform in low light situations. I’ve had my T4 at night and the photos were really fantastic. Maybe I should try to bring this out sometime.

Anyway, my verdict? So far so good. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pocket film camera, go and grab this one.