Ode to Solaris

Canada Feature Film

It was a great joy for me to know that Film Ferrania is being resurrected! More than a week ago the Kickstarter campaign has come to its end and was successfully funded.

So while I wait for the film to be made commercially (which will probably take a while), I decided to shoot more older stock of the Ferrania Solaris emulsion by buying a few more of it that I can find, as well as share some photos I took from quite a while back. I started shooting this film a few years ago and my personal favourite is the 200 ISO. The photos showcased in this post were shot busing both 200 and 400 ISO (I just got the 100 ISO and I can’t wait to try it out).

For the techies, the photos were shot using various cameras – Nikon F80, LC-A, Olympus mju Zoom 80 Wide, Yashica T4, and Olympus mju II (Stylus Epic). I think most of these were scanned using my old Canon flatbed scanner.