Roid Week 2014

Canada Film Photography Projects Roid Week

I joined Roid Week back in 2012. However for the past two years I was unable to do it again because of my rather hectic schedule and forgetting to stock with Impossible Films and/or Fuji peel aparts. Not to mention, my SX-70 has been broken for a while and I finally just got the chance to bring it to the camera hospital.

Anyway, somehow Roid Week is late this year (it’s normally around August if I am not mistaken…) and I manage to find an older Impossible Film Color Protection for 600 type camera in my film fridge (and a few more frames left behind from this). These are the results. 🙂

Notice the 6th photo and its undeveloped chemicals at the bottom? This is the reason that you never, ever, ever (and I mean it) shake it like a Polaroid picture.

(I put the photo inside my hoodie’s pocket and went to the grocery, so that happened, in case you’re curious.)