That Summer

Black and White Canada Film People Streets

This is the second time that I have spent summer in Toronto. The first time was back in 2012 (how time flies!) and was VERY humid. This year the temperature’s pretty solid, although there were showers and thunderstorms during my stay.

I shot with my Yashica-A TLR again and this time brought a box of Portra 160 and a few rolls of Lomo 400 ISO (not a good idea, as I shot mostly during the day). I am a big fan of Portra, but deep in my heart I wished I bought a box of Ektar 100 instead! I am really a lover of vibrant, lively colors especially on my color negatives which is also very appropriate during the summer.

Kelvin and I did not have any major trips during the week. Instead we visited a few festivals that took place around the city. It was pretty tiring because Kelvin finally got his health back and been walking like crazy. Regardless of that, it was great to spend majority of my stay with him. I ended up meeting a few friends of ours only on the last leg of my stay.

This trip may not come across as very special, but it is my most memorable visit to the City so far. With that, consider these images to be a bit more intimate than usual, and something that I will remember for a very long time. I’m glad that I’m able to share these images to you. 🙂

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