Many Fest on Film

Canada Film People Streets

I mentioned in my previous post that I shot with my phone and my F100. This is technically the second roll that I’ve ran through with my F100. UNFORTUNATELY an accident happened so my first one (a slide film taken at St. Malo) will probably be forever ruined.

Hey Rube. Awesome set they had while busking.

I shot this set with a Kodak 400VC (segue-ing a bit again, this news is pretty exciting!) and a Nifty Fifty. The F100 was a pretty heavy camera! The weight on my hands feels like my D7000 which I didn’t particularly like (I love small cameras on a leisurely day!). However, once I got used to it, it was great to use.

(However, using the camera will forever remind me the ruined slide film. Excuse me while I weep in the corner.)

I find the 400VC to be a bit grainy so my photos looks grittier than what I hoped it to be. But I think the film speed worked just well because of the ever-changing light conditions (it was sunny for the most part, but I shot until the end of the day and the rest of the night shots were taken with an 800 ISO film).

The favourite shots I made that day are the musicians and the start of the street dance party. The light wasn’t too harsh, and everyone was just laid-back and having fun. It was an awesome sight. 🙂