As the music plays, our lives go on

Film Food People

My friends and I celebrated J’s upcoming departure as she puts on a new cap as a post-grad student. We planned for a music festival-inspired picnic with drinks, crackers, cold cuts, and fruits. Initially I was worried that it might rain, but the weather was cooperative that day.

I took some digital photos (a music clip can be seen here) but thought of sharing these frames first.

In line with our theme, I decided to shoot some photos using a family-owned Polaroid 635 camera and a couple of packs of Impossible Project Color Protection films. The first set turned out really awesome, but the other pack had a stronger hue of red to it. The thing is, one pack was bought last year in NYC, and the other just recently in Tokyo. I am not sure which one was which unfortunately. But one thing I am sure of is that I fell in love with the Color Protection film! I see myself buying more of these in the near future.