The joy of photography

Canada Feature Film General

November 1, 2011 – Pardon me if I’m going to be wordy today (instead of having a photo-intensive entry, just what this site is for) because I just had this “lightbulb moment.” Call it an epiphany if you like.

I’m in the middle of scanning my 3rd roll of film (out of the 9 rolls I used up when I went on my holidays) while typing this. I just have to say: I love photography.

I dare you to do this, even for a short period of time: Forget about the gadgets, the specs, the minute details that occupy some photohobbyists’ attention. Statements such as This brand is good. Get this unit because the viewfinder is awesome. This camera replaces my bulky dSLR. Mirrorless is the way to go. I want to step away from that, at least today (I already accepted the fact that there’s no way I can avoid those people or these kinds of conversation). Focus on the act of taking a photograph. The whole process of it.

Today I sit here in front of my computer, waiting for my negatives to scan, and I have this amazing feeling, this indescribable joy I feel upon seeing my photos showing up on the screen. This is also the equal amount of happiness I feel when I process my own films or when I print my own photos. I felt the same feeling of contentment and excitement when I had my first exhibit. Maybe on a smaller scale, I feel this way when I use my instant cameras. Then I remember the joy I felt when I saw things with my eyes and took the photo. How exciting, how fulfilling was that? I maybe not be making any sense right now and words are just coming out of my head as I am typing this–hastily recording them because I want to keep a log of things I think and feel.

I know that photography serves a different purpose to everyone, hence I believe that this is a very flexible medium. Amidst the number of gadgets one can choose from and actually use, one should not forget what purpose photography serves to them.

For me, I have photography because I refuse to forget what I see, what I feel, what I think, what I experience.

I think this is what matters.