Illinois, Part 1 – Downtown Chicago Walk

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Our main destination was Illinois, to visit our relatives. It was a grueling 8-hr drive from MN to Illinois and we got caught on an interstate traffic, between Wisconsin and Illinois.

Anyway. We spent our first full day walking around.

We took the public transportation and my cousins showed us around. It also happened to be the day when heatwave struck North America, so we were all dehydrated (and burnt!) by the end of the day.

First thing I noticed about Chicago is that it’s a melting pot of very interesting architecture. Bricks and old-school style? They do have it. How about skyscrapers? They have plenty.

I wasn’t amused with the dome itself–rather I was really intrigued with the alignment and color of the seats. I think it was very photogenic. #nerd

I told my kuya that there’s an area in the city (near Millennium Park) that really reminds me of Ayala. Only cleaner, he said.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you’ll probably spend a lot of time standing in the middle of the city, looking up. I noticed that I had a tendency to do that, I think this has something to do with the huge and tall buildings that are present in the area. And I was a tourist, basically.

They had this “digital” fountain where children and people can keep themselves cool. I thought that it was very appropriate that day.

We also went to the Art Institute of Chicago, in which I’ll be posting a separate entry later.

I took a lot of photos within one day, so I’m trying to split them into entries in order for me to write and describe the photos (and the experience) better. Stay tuned.