Downtown Minneapolis Photowalk

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My family went to the US again for a week and our first stop is MN. We got there somewhere around the afternoon so my parents and I decided to walk around our hotel’s vicinity.

We didn’t realize until later that the Saturday that we arrived in the US was the start of the very annoying (and dangerous) heat wave. I didn’t even imagine what went into our heads to go outside and walk around. Despite the temperature and the weather I really enjoyed looking around. More photos under the cut.

I only brought two cameras with me so the next few entries that I have about our summer vacation will be mostly digital photos. This is also the first time that I get to shoot mostly with my D7000. Never really get to play around with it when I got it earlier this year because of my very busy schedule. I can say that I really like it (despite the weight), and now I can feel the (ergonomic) difference between my D40 and D7000.

Anyway enough camera rambling.