One Two Three Four You

Canada Digital General

Before I headed back to Winnipeg, I made sure that I stop by at Canada’s only Lomography Gallery Store, located at 536 Queen St. W. Accompanied with my boyfriend and two of our friends, I headed there to check out the store. I will talk about the experience later since I’m still waiting for my negatives and I would like to make an entry about it.

So, I got this nice little Supersampler as a purchase from that store. It’s nothing fancy, but I want to go crazy with this one. This is another addition to my lo-fi cameras (I have the Holga, the Chinese-made Diana, a Fisheye and the famous LC-A) so I’m really excited.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that it looks too, uhm, fragile compared to my other LSI-based cameras. Especially that thread. I might have to start using it this week and see how it fares.