25@365: Day 175

25@365 Canada Digital Streets

NOVEMBER 24, 2010 – As mentioned in my backlog, I got sick last week when I was on my way home back from Toronto. I had to stay there for another day and headed to Winnipeg, still sick.

I think I have recovered from my stomach flu and constant barfing, but I have been avoiding dairy in my daily food intake. Which sucks, because I can’t drink coffee or latte or even my regular orange pekoe tea at work because they all have milk! Rather, I drink my tea with milk.

After that stomach flu I got the itchy throat since Monday and now I’ve been sick with colds, cough and phlegm. Yucky.

The weather has not been cooperating as well. Today the snow started falling again in Winnipeg and it took me 2.5 hours to get home because of the traffic and poor road conditions. I wasn’t able to take better photos because of the cold but the traffic was awful this evening. I think the city’s expecting to have 10-20cm of snow overnight. I wonder how I am supposed to go to work tomorrow. Hmm.