The Visionary

Black and White Canada Digital People Photoshoot Sessions

Meet my friend, a fellow Kabitenyo and Magdalenean, Dhem.

Dhem is one of those street smart and funny people that I’ve met. Not to mention that he’s a very talented visionary. To be honest, his work is really good (you better check it). I think he’s one of those handful of photohobbyists that I know who does photography because he sees it as an art form and will utilize the medium as such. Some people I know dig photography because they want to take car photos, HDR, girls, what have you. Not that I am totally against it, but I find it refreshing to meet someone who has a different mindset about photography than the conventional people.

I can say that it’s a pleasure to work with him during my stay in Toronto.

Obviously we’ll be taking more pictures as I frequent the city.

Here are some of the photos I took of him while we were at Woodbine Beach. Some say that people who take pictures prefer to stay behind the camera. But I would like to disagree. I think that if you like to work with people and portrait photography it would be to your advantage to know how it feels like to be in front of the lens to help you direct your subjects. But then again that’s just my own opinion. Nonetheless it works for me.

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