25@365: Day 171

25@365 Canada Digital Food People

NOVEMBER 20, 2010 – I am doing another backlog because after getting sick last week, I got sick again! Surprise! NOT.

Anyway the backlog’s not bad so I’ll be able to keep up and write something substantial to accompany my photos.

Even though I was still recuperating, I headed out for dinner/early Christmas get-together at Earl’s with my girl friends. Majority of us are now working full-time so it’s really hard for us to have schedules that work for everyone. Finally we were able to see each other after a while (considering that we all live in the same city). I had this nice 7 oz Sirloin Steak. It might be small but because I can’t eat a lot now because of my stomach flu, I thought it was just right.

We then headed out to J’s apartment (my first time!) for our exchange gift, drinks and movies. I can’t drink unfortunately, so I just enjoyed the exchange gift thing that we had and caught up with my friends.