UM-Sigaw: University of Manitoba Filipino Students’ Association’s 2nd Annual Summer Picnic

Canada Digital People

Whew, that’s a long title.

Went out with my orgmates at Assiniboine Park last Wednesday for our 2nd annual picnic. Saw old faces. Saw new faces.

The weather was nice to us. It was a picnic-good weather. (Eh?)

Lem brought her borrowed Nikkormat, the tiny plastic camera Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim that I gave her two Christmases ago. I think. Alvir brought his 450D and his Canon film. Aside from my D40, I brought my AE-1 and my LC-A. It was analog love, indeed.

Allisa, Alvir’s youngest sister and the princess of the group.

Bubbles! I haven’t seen her for half a year too.

Some of the org members brought their relatives. Basically it was a younggin’s picnic, with no parents allowed. Haha. They set up a game for everyone after.

Jayson, the amazing photographer of Asin at Paminta.

Yes, David Beckham was there.

And so was Posh Spice.

The cutest photographer we have. 🙂