The spice lingers but it’ll be gone soon

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More goodbyes. You don’t really feel the sadness until the party ends.

Met up with my friends from the University yesterday afternoon for a late lunch and ice cream. We really don’t have a specific plan (this is becoming usual, I am not a very spontaneous person when it comes to going out with other people), so we just headed to Whyte Avenue. We had lunch at Chili’s. I didn’t know they have this surcharge of sorts when a big group comes in to eat. It’s insane, if you ask me.

It’s been a while since I spent time with these people. They happen to be my first set of friends here in Edmonton because of this thing called networking. Not all of us go to the University, however, but since they hang out together, we all end up staying inside my dorm when we don’t have anything else to do.

But I have been busy with grown-up things which involve things such as work, laundry, grocery, money, and stressing over adult life-related things, so we haven’t spent a lot of time together recently (BTW, I am everyone’s “ate,” older sister, in this group). It was a surprise to them when I told them that I am moving back to Winnipeg. It’s that kind of surprise that you don’t want to give to people, but facts are facts and we all have to face that, no matter how sad things are going to be.

I brought my 50mm f/1.8. I love how this lens utilized the amazing light inside Chili’s. Here’s a photo of the boys looking good.

We went to Marble Slab later for ice cream. It was a very nice day, and a good day for sweet and cold stuff.

Shiela seems to be enjoying the treat.

The guys gave me a goodbye card which I wasn’t supposed to read in front of everyone (at least not inside the bus) but Lilet said, “how would we know if you liked it?” so I ended up reading it anyway. I am an emotional person and in as much as I am perceived as being very transparent (which I actually prefer), I still have times when I don’t want people to know what I think or feel. Nonetheless, I liked the card that they gave me. Thank you very much for welcoming me to Edmonton and for the gift of friendship. You will be missed. 🙂