Taking it for a spin: Pentax ME-F


Weeks ago, when I was still having my vacation in Manila, my tita offered me her old Pentax ME-F unit together with its AF 35-70mm zoom lens and Sunpak hotshoe flash. The camera is as old as I am, and at that moment, I thought that this is what I was waiting for! Getting hand-me-down camera units rocks. Unfortunately for me, we weren’t able to find the wide angle lens that my tita used with the camera. Nevertheless, I was one lucky camper as I got the camera and its accessories.

I had to bring the unit to Mang Dong’s (in Quiapo) though, as my tita told me that the camera needed to be cleaned and checked. However, Mang Dong told me that since the camera hasn’t been use for a long time, there’s no way that I can use the Auto Zoom of the camera because of corrosion, plus there were discolorations on the lens barrel. He told me I have to go fully manual with the camera, and I thought that was okay, since I need to learn more about manual photography, apertures and f/stops anyway.

I didn’t know that when he said I have to go “fully manual,” he meant it. I just got fresh batteries from Don’s Photo after I got back from my vacation, and it seems that the battery meter check (where you have to look at the viewfinder and check your battery life) is not working anymore. Also, the arrow lights that I can use for focusing aren’t functioning as well. Ugh, so now I thought I just wasted money on batteries.

The lens seems okay, the shutter is working well. Had to read the manual for 3 times just to make sure I’m doing things right (I don’t read manuals!), but personally? I think I’m not getting it, ha ha.

Anyhow, I bought a 12-shot roll of True Colors back in Manila to see how the camera works. So right now it’s all about manual for me: from focusing to aperture.

Oh, and on the side note, like all of my cameras, this one has a name too. His is Echizen.