Gastronomy 101: The White Brick Kitchen

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You may think that The White Brick Kitchen (641 Bloor Street West) stands out in its location, and for a good reason. Having a Western, almost diner-type restaurant really is a breath of fresh air considering that it’s right smack in Koreatown.

Last Friday my husband and I decided to check out the place (we haven’t been to a new restaurant lately, given the distance of my workplace) as we were pretty much smitten by their Instagram feed.

Food servings are huge – enough for you to bring leftovers home or share with your companion. I ordered their 4 cheese mac n’ cheese, while my husband got the buttermilk fried chicken. We had the mozzarella sticks for appetizers. As our orders arrive we were relieved that we didn’t order more food.

The mac n’ cheese was delicious and creamy and makes you want to eat it more and more (weird, right?). I personally enjoyed the mozza sticks with chipotle ketchup, being a cheese lover that I am, although my husband found the breading to be lacking in salt.

And the chicken. OH SHOULD WE TALK ABOUT THE CHICKEN? It was fried but not greasy, and for the same unidentified reason as the mac n’ cheese, you want to eat it again and again. The kettle chips was also lacking in salt, but because the chicken and scallion biscuit were already flavorful it kind of worked out well partnering these together.