Gastronomy 101: Easy Peasy Hungry

Canada Canon S110 Digital Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

So I have these three entries pending about food and I was thinking, what do these three have in common? And then I figured out, well, they’re fairly accessible and easy. Meaning I don’t have to do reservations, and these are something I can gulf without feeling guilty (not like burgers). They’re fairly inexpensive too. So here you go.

Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery (105 McCaul) reminds me of a college cafeteria (it’s situated near OCAD). J brought us there one time. Menu is a bit confusing – some of the items on the wall are not on the menu.

The eel don I ordered was surprisingly good and filling. The jumbo takoyaki was a let down compared to the ones I tried at other places. Overall the service was good, food in general was okay and for the price you pay it is really a deal especially for hungry students.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (5445 Yonge Street) is one of those unassuming place that lines up Yonge and Finch. K and I went here for a post-holiday lunch with M&M and S&D. Their specialty is, surprise, Sundubu Jjigae. I had mine “white” (meaning no spice) and it was good. Small servings though so unless you’re starving you might order two. Make sure to crack the raw egg as soon as you get the piping hot earthen pot so that it cooks in front of you. Like, right away.

Zen Q (5437 Yonge Street) is where we headed next after that delicious tofu lunch. This Taiwan-based franchise serves mostly desserts and some snacks. Errr… they do serve lunch specials but we didn’t get to try those. They have delicious sticky rice based desserts, as well as your typical tapioca and milk tea drinks. Servings are big, good for sharing. Interestingly I really like the salty chicken pops that they sell as it mixes well with the sweet desserts.