Gastronomy 101: Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Canada Canon S110 Digital Food Gastronomy 101 Toronto

Last summer I got the chance to check out ‘that store with a long queue’. The Uncle Tetsu‘s Cheesecake franchise has arrived in Canada and found a place at the busy 598 Bay Street. I was told by friends to get to the store early as there is a constant line-up so I ended up swinging by the store around 2pm. I wanted to avoid the after office crowd and minimize the time I have to spend lining up.

The waiting time was not bad. The store allows customer to buy one cheesecake only (the young family in front of me tried to get away with it by telling the salesperson that their newborn counts as one customer. Like the baby is ever going to eat it). I bought my cheesecake and the honey madeleine, and dropped by the neighboring store, which specializes in matcha-flavoured goodies. As of today’s writing they also now sell matcha-flavoured cheesecake, but last summer I got to enjoy matcha madeleine and soft-serve matcha ice cream.

I brought the cheesecake home and I actually thought that the cheesecake tastes better when cold. It is light and fluffy and SoufflĂ©-like which may come as a surprise to those who are use to the western cheesecake. I prefer the matcha madeleine’s consistency better because it is fluffy and even more delicious with the anko (red bean paste) inside.

I might be back again to check out the green tea cheesecake. 🙂