Gastronomy 101: Marion Street Eatery

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My lovely friend and awesome baker, L, and I sat down for a casual dinner to discuss my ideas for my wedding cake next year. After a few options were raised where we can dine, we opted to check out Marion Street Eatery, located inside Marion Hotel.

As soon as I got in I knew it was a great choice. The place was cozy and intimate, perfect for a night of cake discussion and catching up (not to mention it was really cold that evening). We did have to wait for around half an hour since the place was busy that night.

I ordered their famous macaroni and cheese (with Manitoba made Bothwell cheese) with their soup of the day on the side (butternut squash!) while L ordered a serving of Bison Chili (with a serving of biscuit and jalapeno butter). We were too full by the time our meal has come to its end, but we shared a serving of croissant pudding for dessert which was equally good as the rest of our meal.