Half Year Recap Pt. 1

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I know, I know. I haven’t been posting. Schedule is the main culprit. My promise not to make myself too busy in order to focus on certain things obviously didn’t happen. Oh well.

Anyway, what I have noticed this year (at least for the first half of the year) is that I have attended a handful of children’s birthdays and a couple of baptisms. Whoa, Nelly. Am I at that age already? Not that I mind though.

So here they are, pictures!

JANUARY marks the one of the many children’s birthdays I attended. My goddaughter turned 4 and of course her family holds a small get-together to celebrate this event.

Fae’s birthday is one of the handful ‘adult’ birthday celebrations I went to. Yes, booze abounded, which is a typical. This was more of a sanity check as my scheduled started becoming crazy from here.

FEBRUARY is a big month for our family because my niece turned 1! I also went to Festival du Voyageur with a couple of friends.

MARCH is where it started to get crazy, birthday-wise. Too many people I know had birthdays, it’s crazy! This photos documented that I attended a friend’s son’s birthday AND baptism.

At this time, my Chinese food level is slowly going up. It’s not good.

I also attended a social/member event for my organization, UPAA-MB Inc. where we had dinner and a Just Dance XBox competition.

My sister also turned 18 last March and had a fancy cake courtesy of my friend Des.

Another friend’s child had a birthday and this time I brought my nephew with me. 🙂

MAY is always a busy time at work. We had our big fundraising dinner last May 2nd, which was really stunning and successful. I had the opportunity to be in the same hall as 80+ ladies who make a difference in our community. It was quite an experience.

Treated my family for lunch, which is also a breather because I’ve been so busy so we hardly went out.

See how flooded it was? You know it’s spring.

Another birthday! Attended Chenee’s birthday with a couple of friends. This was more chill and was able to spend time and caught up with my friends.