New York City: Preview

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Mostly preview images and musings about taking photographs while traveling.

Here’s a preview entry of some photos taken when I went to NYC in September.

I only brought two cameras–my Fujifilm X10 and my Instax Wide 200. Instax was too big and an inconvenience.

The reasoning behind bringing the Instax 200 was because I want to shoot film without being too serious about it and yet still get good results. 35mm would be too redundant (I brought my digital camera) and 120 would be too big and serious.

The X10 worked well for me as my main travel camera. I was generally happy with the results. Battery died early on during our visit at The Met and silly me, I left my extra battery in the hotel.

I am thinking of going back there either by myself or with someone else (boyfriend or another shutterbug friend) so that budget will be lower and I’m able to shoot well by taking my time. Maybe a medium format will work well.

Hopefully before the year ends I’m able to sort the photos out and able to write a decent entry about the experience.