My Moo Cards Are In!


I’ve initially ordered a sample copy of business cards from Moo and I definitely loved the results, so I decided to get more. Unfortunately life caught up and was unable to finish my order (I always forget).

But finally, I was able to order my Green Business Card stock in 100 pieces! Yay! The very friendly staff at Moo helped me out as well, which is plus cool cookie points. 😉

Like the previous sample I got for the print and paper quality were awesome and hence very consistent. Just the right thickness for the cards; also it feels good to the touch. I chose this paper stock so that it is easier to write on the card without smudging my pen ink. One thing I like is that the photos I used for my business cards (which doubles as a portfolio) were enhanced (sharpness-wise) but retained its colours. Believe me, the cards look better in person. 🙂

The whole set looks very professional and presentable. I was so happy that it looks exactly how I wanted it to be when I was creating the cards. In addition their website was really user-friendly. 😉 I can’t wait to use my new set of cards! So excited. 🙂