Summer in March

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Part of maintaining this photoblog is my never-ending comment about the weather. Is this common? I think working with the weather is part of photography; otherwise I’m not going to get out there and see things.

Anyway, on Saturday we had a record-breaking weather in Winnipeg. We never get +20 celcius temperature in March. Heck, we don’t get positive temperature in March. But for the past few days it’s been pretty sunny and warm. It’s crazy and not normal, but I’d take this anytime.

My first time seeing the river with melting chunks of snow. How awesome is this.

You also deserve better than a digital camera. :p

I haven’t shot anything in almost a month (with the exception of the portrait work I did) because of the biting winter but it looks like the weather is going to be pretty nice to us.

Technicalities: Olympus 35 SP with Arista Premium 100, home developed.

1 thought on “Summer in March”

  1. Great weather Winnipeg’s been having lately. Shame on those folks who think PEG city has the worst weather in all of the Canadian cities.

    Great pics btw, a lot of depth and texture! 🙂

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