Fuji X10 in Monochrome

Black and White Canada Digital Streets

I have my Fuji X10 for a week or so now (I even made a “first impression” video on my channel). I’m sitting at the borderline because I feel that I have to work on with the settings and menu before I can fully make this camera work. I guess this is just because I have no patience with fiddling with menu and stuff. It takes too much time. How could people have patience with stuff like these?

Anyway I’m focusing on using the camera’s film simulation option. These are the untouched photos using the B&W with red filter. It’s not contrasty enough for my taste but I think I can work with it in-camera so that I don’t have to post-process as much.

The photos come pretty soft. I feel that my Olympus mju II provides sharper photos that these. I really can’t have anything, can I?