Thanksgiving Photography Weekend

Black and White Canada Digital Film

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada and to emphasize the idea of being grateful for one’s life and blessings (I mean, we have to be thankful *everyday*, not just this week) I’m writing this quick entry.

I’m extra thankful for my dear photography friends, Tat and Pat, for keeping me company yesterday. Glad that I was able to share food with them (I cooked!), take photos, and realize than I am lucky to have friends whom I can share my hobby with. I am also grateful that our friendship not only encompasses photography but real life aspects as well. THANK YOU.

This weekend I get to relax and watch shows and I had a turkey dinner (it’s our usual, everyday dinner except for the huge turkey) with my family and I am grateful that we are complete, that everyone is safe and warm inside our home. There has been so much blessing that has been granted to this household. THANK YOU.

I am currently talking to K as I type and yesterday we just booked my ticket to see him again. I’m going on a week-long holiday hopefully to relax, catch up with him and his family and friends, and study. Do a bit of a soul-searching and cleanse my thoughts. I am grateful that he loves me and I am able to love him in return, and that we’re still together for the past 2 years. THANK YOU.

Finally I am grateful because photography has never left me and has helped me cope through the good, bad, and mundane times of my life. I celebrated by shooting film this weekend. THANK YOU.