Stress Relief

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So I found a new interest in scented candles. I used to collect them when I was in the PH but gradually lost interest along the way.

I bought a couple of big anti-stress, aromatherapy candles last Friday and a couple of small scented ones and I am hooked. They make my bedroom more relaxing and invites me to rest and to de-stress.

Aside from candles, photography is another one of my stress-relievers (although you have to agree that it gets stressful preparing for a shoot).

What’s your preferred way to de-stress?

2 thoughts on “Stress Relief”

  1. HI Angela
    I love listening to music to destress – I was getting seriously stressed at work and someone said that learning a musical instrument was a good thing. So right ! I got hold of a yamaha-digital-piano, When I play it my mind is completely free of daytime pressures and the direct contact with music is genuinely therapeutic

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