25@365: Day 348

25@365 Canada Digital Food People

MAY 16, 2011 – After my volunteer work yesterday I get to rest a bit and then my friends and I headed to Sun Fortune for hotpot dinner. Before I proceed with my drool-worthy entry, just a quick segue: I touched my D700 again after months of not using it. Attached a 28mm E-series lens with it. Heavy body, lightweight lens. Moving on.

Phoebi picked me and Austine up, and then headed at 7-11 to meet up with Joyce (who brought her SUV) and Sybil. We were late for our 6pm reservation. When we arrived Jaq was already there and luckily our spot was still available. Maybe because it’s not your regular seat? (It has the gas stove at the top).

We ordered chicken broth for our hotpot and soon after our ingredients arrived. I loved the veggies and meat included in there, not to mention the mushroom and tofu. Seafood is fine but I think I would have preferred meat and veggies with the chicken-flavored broth.

It was fun catching up with friends as all of us are now working. Phoebi, Austine and Jaq are nurses so their schedule is very erratic. On the other hand, I do have a fixed schedule at work but I do a lot of extra things on the side making me a busy bee.

K mentioned that he wanted to have hot pot next time, I’m thinking of bringing him there when he visits next month.