25@365: Day 237

25@365 Canada Digital

JANUARY 25, 2011 – Seriously man. I know I got my instant back for free but it took me awhile to have it installed on my LC-A and have it work properly as the LC-A’s film advance wheel is stuck behind the instant back.

I got my instant back for free but it does come with a price. My LC-A did not work properly the first time because the damn advance wheel is covered. The manual says it takes a bit of a practice to make it work. LIES.

So I looked on the internet and saw a tutorial on how to mod the instant back. Took me a while to get it done. While the tutorial said just to scrape that specific part of the instant back, I ended up making a big hole just for the wheel to fit and move forward. Eepp.

Anyway I don’t have a stock of Fuji Instax film in my fridge so I had to order before I do some major shoot-out.