I do projects/25@365: Day 162

25@365 Black and White Film General People Streets Travel

Just to clarify, that photo really has nothing to do with what I have to say today. 🙂

I know it seems like I haven’t been doing a lot of photo-related activities other than maintaining my 25@365 project here at this blog, but really, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, it’s crazy.

Aside from the casual freelance work that I’ve been doing the past year (i.e. the wedding coverage, a graduation portrait, and now a baby/family portrait) I actually am doing other photography-related activities that has nothing to do with earning extra cash.

I have mentioned previously that I am working on two projects this year. Current and previous members of University of Manitoba Photography Club were invited to join the 40th anniversary exhibition of the club. Because I am working full time and it’s hard for me to commute from my workplace to the university, time was actually not at my side in regards to preparing photos and submitting them.

I decided to use selected photos taken using film. I was planning to have a medium format/lomo-based shot but the photo store said they will have a hard time producing a print for that particular shot because of the overlaps (it’s a multiple exposure photo). Sigh.

Anyway, I made it on time and had my prints submitted. They will start mounting the photos this week but I won’t be there because I’m off on holidays. I will definitely make some time to go to the exhibition and see what the rest of my friends have prepared. Stay tuned.

The second project is the one that is starting to take a toll on me because it entails a lot of work. Ha ha. It’s actually a personal/solo exhibition which will open sometime in April next year. You can view the details here.

I think it is awesome if I can do something worthwhile and inspirational with my passion (photography). Not all people gets the chance to do that. I am hoping that with this exhibit I will be able to inspire people, especially fellow young immigrants or children of immigrants who were born here in Winnipeg. As you can see I strongly feel about this and you know what’s more awesome? There are people who believe in this project, and they are more than happy to help me out to make this project come into fruition.

So I will be shooting lots of photos in the next couple of months. I am mostly concerned about the weather because it is starting to get cold so I won’t be able to do a number of outdoor photos. Regardless of my other concerns I am really excited to work on this (after all I already have a place to exhibit!) and I will keep you guys posted about its progress.

I also have a separate projects page on my portfolio to keep track of what I do. 🙂